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According to the decision of Tamiz Shahar JSC dated June 9, 2014, Ekokat LLC was registered as a resident of the Industrial Park and a corresponding certificate was issued to the resident.
– Information on activity of “Ekokat” MMC:
Taking into account the recommendations and recommendations of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Absheron and Caspian basin clearance, the newly established “Ekokat” LLC has conducted extensive research and investigations in this area involving a number of well-known scientists and specialists in the Republic of Azerbaijan (in particular, specialists working at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) identified. The management of exhaust fumes (and especially the engine oils), which is a major source of danger, has almost been ignored. It is important to note that centralized collection and regeneration of processed oils in all leading countries of the world is of great importance. This issue is more urgent, especially because of the world’s increasing oil reserves.


  • Солидол Ж
  • Литол 24 PK
  • УСсА графит смазка
  • Azerol LS EP
The oil is a mixture of mid-oily oil distillates, a hydrate of calcium salts and a disperse system of fatty acids that are incorporated into natural vegetable oils.

Net weight is 7KQ. Guaranteed production date is 5 years. Lithol-24 is a multi purpose oil that has good protective properties for metal-metal friction devices. Multipurpose oils are used in the development of all major components.

LZ-TsNII lubricants are antifriction iron oil. Main performance characteristics: Good wear and overpressure characteristics; the heat of condensation; weak water resistance; lack of protection features. It works at 60 + 100 ° C

UVC Graphite is used in torsion pallets of lubricating oils, open gears, caterpillars and other heavy duty and slow moving mechanisms.

Azerol LS EP



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