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Литол 24 PK

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The name of the indicator





Key features

Exterior view One-man cream in yellow
The dew point temperature should not be lower than ° C 185
Penetration, mm-1, at 25 ° C 220-250
Solidarity limit, Pa (qs / cm2)
      At 20 ° C  500-1000 (5,0-10,0)
      It should not be less than 80 ° C  200 (2,0)
Colloidal stability,% of the separated oil should not be too high 4
Corrosion effect on metals continues
Steam should not exceed 120 ° C,%, no more 6
The amount of free alkaline calculated for NaOH,%, should not be greater 0.2
The mass of water should not exceed%,% there is no
Mass fraction of non-soluble mechanical compounds in chloride acid must not exceed%,% 0.05
Tribological properties, at least (20 ± 5) ° C, should not be less than a quadrilateral friction machine
     weld load (Pc), H (kgf)  2800 (280)
     crisis burden (Rk), H (kgq)  850 (85)
     index of spinning 100

Created by: DesignArc